CM Punk Doesn’t Want To Give Fans False Hope For In-Ring Return


CM Punk got the wrestling world excited recently at Starrcast when he stated that Will Ospreay was someone he would be excited to get in the ring with. Of course this led to fans buzzing once again about a possible in-ring return for the Voice Of The Voiceless. Could it actually be happening? Well..not so fast.

Punk recently spoke to Digital Spy where he wanted to make sure that fans understood not to have false hope for his return despite his comments at Starrcast.

“I don’t want to give people false hope in answering Ospreay. But he’s for sure somebody that I’ve never wrestled before that interests me a lot more than, I guess, the corporate side of professional wrestling nowadays. New and different things are going to interest me more than doing the same old, same old. I always need new goals.”

“I don’t know. Let’s see if he has it at the end of the summer and then ask me the question again.”

CM Punk keeps busy and has a lot different things in the works. Although we may not see a match between him and Will Ospreay anytime soon perhaps he may change his mind in the future. After all in pro wrestling anything can happen..right? We here at The Ringside Roster certainly hope to see it one day.