Big E Reveals Brodie Lee’s Plans In Pro Wrestling After In-Ring Retirement


The pro wrestling industry is still reeling from the recent news of the passing of AEW, and former WWE Star Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee at 41 years of age. It’s been a tough few days to say the least, and the impact is going to be felt for a long time. Huber was a champion both in and out of the ring, and beloved by so many people. It’s clear from all the stories coming out remembering him and paying tribute to him, that he was a truly great individual.

WWE Star Big E is among those that knew Huber well. He’s recently been sharing a ton of memories of his good friend. He’s also now revealed that Huber had some big plans in the pro wrestling business for whenever he decided to retire. You can check that out here:

This news only makes it that much clearer how selfless of a person Huber was. He truly loved the business and wanted to give back. We at The Ringside Roster are sure he would have done a great job, and talent would have been that much better in his hands. We can only imagine how many careers he would have helped mold.

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