AEW Dynamite’s Brodie Lee Tribute Show Was A Beautifully Done Homage To A True Champion


Tonight on AEW Dynamite the men and women of AEW put on a show that still has us in tears. There’s no way anyone watching it couldn’t have been. Sometimes they were tears of sadness and sometimes tears of joy, but our eyes were constantly moist and for good reason.

From the moment the show began with a tribute graphic to Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee, and a ten bell salute with his family on the stage it was all so clear how loved Huber really was. Throughout the night we saw video packages of stars sharing how much he meant to them as well as stories of beautiful memories. We also saw The Dark Order complete with Brodie Lee arm bands pay tribute to their fallen leader with a series of big wins. There was even a moment where Huber’s former Wyatt Family and Bludgeon Brother partner Erick Rowan made his shocking debut helping The Dark Order fend off Team Tazz. With tears in his eyes Rowan held up a sign that simply read “Goodbye for now my brother..see you down the road.” It was a heartbreaking sight.

Then when we thought we couldn’t get any more emotional Huber’s family including his Wife Amanda and son Brodie Lee. Jr entered the ring along with Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan. This is where AEW once again really showed it’s true colors and pure class. Khan presented Brodie Lee Jr. the TNT Championship and declared that Brodie Lee was the greatest Champion of all time. He also went on to say that Brodie Lee would now be Champion for life. As tears ran down everyone’s eyes in the ring his son placed his boots as well as his bandana in the ring one last time. The show then closed with a video package that was so tastefully and incredibly done.

There are no words to express the level of respect we have for AEW after tonight. Jon Huber was a man that was truly beloved by all. Anyone who had the honor of knowing him or working with him was better for it. Above all things though, Huber was a man that loved his family more than anything. He was a good dad, a loving Husband and a great human being. A champion both in and out of the ring.

We have no doubt that Huber was looking down on tonight and smiling. It was a beautiful love letter to another one of pro wrestling’s greats that’s gone way too soon. Thank you for the memories Jon…yeah yeah yeah.

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