Aleister Black Still Has A lot Of Support In WWE & A Return Would Be Welcomed


Aleister Black was released by WWE in its most recent wave of budget cuts shocking fans in the process and even Black himself.

Black who was being built up on SmackDown with a new change to his character before being released has stated that he has no hard feelings about what happened, and that he’s grateful for his time in WWE.

Aleister BlackIt appears that’s a two way street as well. According to a report from PW Insider, some in WWE believe that Aleister Black was released unfairly and are fighting to bring him back. He was in the middle of a renewed push and was really gaining momentum with his vignettes, which took a lot of time to produce.

Black who now is back to his Tommy End name since leaving the company revealed recently that Vince McMahon also apologized for his failed pushes in WWE.

“I had a conversation with Bruce Prichard and Vince McMahon that lasted about 30-45 minutes. It was a long talk, but it was a good talk. Again, full of praise, complimenting my ability to be honest with them whilst being respectful and just saying how much he respected my creative thought process. And he also understood that there were things during my time in the main roster that did not go the way he wanted it to go, and he said, ‘I’m sorry for that, I apologize. Let’s do it this way. I’m going to send you home for a bit, we’re going to get some separation between you and Kevin Owens and when you come back, we’re off to the races.’”

There’s clearly still a lot of admiration on both sides when it comes to Aleister Black and WWE. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the talented star return sooner rather than later and you can bet that would definitely be best for business.

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