Zelina Vega Reportedly Escorted Out Upon Release & Told Vince McMahon Didn’t Want To See Her


Zelina Vega is now a former WWE Star, after her abrupt exit from the company this past Friday, in a move that stunned the wrestling world. It appears she was released rather unceremoniously as well to make matters worse. Vega had recently run into some disputes with the company over her third party accounts such as Twitch, but had agreed to shut them down. However, for whatever reason that never happened. She also took to social media to voice her support for unionizing the locker room. This apparently ruffled some feathers and she was soon given her release.

We’ve also now learned some new details at The Ringside Roster about her release. Vega was reportedly informed by Mark Carano that she was being released. She was also told at the time that Vince McMahon did not want to see her and she was escorted out of the Amway Center.

It was certainly a strange turn of events to say the very least, and the headaches may not be over yet for WWE either. After her release from the company, the president of SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), Gabrielle Carteris, publicly supported Vega and asked for the former WWE star to contact her about the matter. The two apparently had a great meeting and a “powerful conversation” as well.

Zelina Vega is perhaps one of the top women’s stars in the world today. She‘s currently back to enjoying her time on Twitch and other third party sites for now making good money. We’ll have to see where she turns up next, but it’s safe to say any promotion would be lucky to have her.

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