WWE’s Plan For Their New RAW & SmackDown TV Sets


WWE is once again back on the road after spending a year in the ThunderDome. SmackDown this week will bring the return of live crowds, and the company has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make a big impression with their return.

One of those big changes is going to be brand new sets for both RAW and SmackDown. WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon recently spoke to Forbes, where she gave a sneak peek of what fans can expect when it comes to the new look.

“We’ve learned a lot during this time utilizing these different techniques and we’re really ready to merge the physical and virtual worlds in ways we never have done before. We’re always looking to be slightly ahead of the curve. From a technology standpoint, I think that we’re constantly reinventing ourselves. While we were utilizing some of these techniques, I think the key learnings during COVID absolutely sped up the adoption of those technologies in this way.”

WWE has been finding ways to save some money with the ongoing production and budget cuts. We’ll have to see exactly what things look like, but we won’t have long to wait that’s for sure.

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