WWE working out a deal for Sasha Banks return? Possible big plans ahead

Sasha Banks WWE
If you feel like the current Sasha Banks situation has been a roller coaster you are not alone. The twists and turns keep on coming and another one appears to be added to the mix.

Shortly before this writing we reported that Banks and Bayley had been promised a Women’s Tag Title defense by WWE in Saudi Arabia in June against Beth Phoenix and Natalya. This was before losing the belts and being broken up as a team which was a main reason for their unhappiness with the company.

We had previously reported that although there is no timetable for her return and no guarantee of her coming back in general that the company wanted her back by the upcoming money in the bank show. We are now told at TheRingsideRoster.com while WWE is not willing to give in to Banks demands (presumably her release) there are at least plans to try and make things right with her.

This would see Sasha Banks returning for the Money In The Bank show in May to win the women’s briefcase and a shot at current RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Whether or not that will be enough to satisfy Banks or if the damage is already done remains to be seen. While Banks is under contract with WWE for some time yet and obviously has obligations to fulfill she could try obtain her release however WWE is unlikely to grant it.

The most likely scenario would be for Banks to finish up her remaining time on her contract and then head elsewhere if she’s still unhappy (cue the Cody Rhodes memes).

WWE does not want to come off as a place where you can voice your displeasure and get your way but they also don’t want talent taking off constantly making it appear as though it’s an undesirable place to be. This is the reason for The Revival’s recent tag team title reign.

With All Elite Wrestling on the horizon WWE also doesn’t want to lose talent to the popular new company. It should be interesting to see how things play out but it looks like you may be able to Bank on The Boss as Ms. Money In The Bank soon.

We’ll continue to keep you updated when or if information becomes available.

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