What WWE thinks of Bray Wyatt and his new character

Bray Wyatt The Fiend WWE
Two weeks ago on WWE RAW Bray Wyatt finally unveiled his sinister new character on the Firefly Funhouse.

For weeks we had seen the vignettes of Bray Wyatt as a Mr. Rogers meets Dr. Jekyll kind of character. When he finally showed the world his secret it was a very dark one.

The character who is a mix of many things including Twisty the clown from American Horror Story, Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal games and “Crazzy Steve” from Impact Wrestling is very different and something that we haven’t seen in many years.

It is said that WWE wants to give him a big push when he does return to the ring and keep him undefeated for sometime as well. For those that know all too well this is not the first time they have tried to push him over the years.

However, no matter how many times they tried and despite him becoming WWE champion he just wasn’t able to get over and connect the way they wanted him to. A lot of it has to do with the way that WWE booked him.

It looks like WWE is aware of that too which is why it is now being reported to us that WWE looks at things as a situation where the times that things did not work out in the past were not his fault. They consider him very talented and the company is looking to give him a fresh start.

They see big things ahead for him as well as the character which is a great thing for Bray Wyatt obviously. WWE has invested a lot into it and even enlisted the help of some big names such as ones that worked on the Night Of The Living Dead to help with things.

So far the character has been received very well by fans as well as social media with millions of views on each video. Only time will tell how things work out but it is a great sign that they are looking to start fresh with him as he is very good competitor in the ring as well as a good talker on the mic.

We at The Ringside Roster hope for the best and have really been enjoying the new character so far and can’t wait to see what comes next.

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