WWE SmackDown Results 8/13/21, Cena & Reigns Big Showdown & The Boss Stands Tall


WWE SmackDown Results 8/13/21

SmackDown Results 8/13/21

The following are the WWE SmackDown Results 8/13/21

John Cena kicks off SmackDown. He asks the crowd if Roman Reigns will kick his a** at SummerSlam. The crowd boos and Cena says that Reigns will kick his a** but he still won’t win. Roman Reigns then comes out.

Reigns tells Cena not to waste him time and Cena says he won’t, but he’ll embarrass him at SummerSlam. Cena says it’s not Reigns’ show or his company it’s the fans. He says he came back to shut up Reigns. Cena says that for a decade WWE has been pushing Reigns now with failed pushes, because he’s the best chance the company has. He says he’s going to make Roman eat humble pie.

Cena says he just has to win the World Championship one more time to make history and become a 17 time champion.

Roman says Cena may be the best of all time and be on the Mount Rushmore of WWE, but he’s going to beat him at SummerSlam. Reigns says he’s going to send Cena packing back to Hollywood.

Cena says Reigns chased off Seth Rollins and drove Dean Ambrose out of WWE, and Reigns is still the biggest failure in the company. He says at SummerSlam in 1-2-3 he’s going to beat Reigns and take his title, because nobody can protect him anymore.

What a segment! Make sure to check this one out.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Apollo Crews to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

The Street Profits defeat The Alpha Academy 

Seth Rollins comes out to the ring and says that Edge isn’t going to show up tonight, but he wishes he would so he could take him out. Rollins says Edge is just mad that he does everything better than him and then he shows a video package.

Rollins says Edge has pushed him too far and that he’s becoming a person he doesn’t want to be. He tells Edge that it’s not 2014 anymore and he will put him out for good at SummerSlam if he needs to.

The Mysterio’s defeat The Dirty Dawgs. The Usos try to distract The Mysterio’s but it doesn’t work.

Baron Corbin comes to the ring and says he’s going to ask for help from the public one last time. He asks for $1000 from each person and says he takes credit. Kevin Owens then comes out.

Owens tells him to stop begging people for money and embarrassing WWE. Corbin says he’ll stop if Owens gives him $1000 and Owens says he will…if he can beat him in a match, but if he loses he has to stop begging for money. Corbin agrees and Owens hits Corbin with a Stunner.

Kevin Owens defeats Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin steals Big E’s briefcase and runs out of the arena.

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair come out for their SummerSlam match contract signing. Sasha says before she can sign anything she needs some witnesses and she brings out Carmella and Zelina Vega.

Bianca signs the contract and then attacks all of them. She then gets beat down and Sasha Banks stands over her on the table before putting her in the Banks Statement.

That wraps up the WWE SmackDown Results 8/13/21.

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