WWE SmackDown Results 7/2/21, Zelina Vega Returns & Edge Sends Reigns A Message


WWE SmackDown Results 7/2/21

WWE SmackDown Results 7/2/21

The following are the WWE SmackDown Results 7/2/21

Edge kicks off SmackDown as they announce that he will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Money In The Bank.

Edge says at WrestleMania 37 it was his destiny to become Universal Champion, but it didn’t happen so he had to take some time away to reevaluate things. Edge says now that he’s been inside the ring with Reigns, he knows he can beat him and Roman knows it too. Edge says inevitable and he’s going to be Universal Champion.

Jimmy Uso tells Paul Heyman he’s got Reigns’ back and once he gets there tonight they’re going to teach Edge a lesson.

It’s revealed that Baron Corbin lost a lot of money in investments as well as losing his crown. Corbin comes out for his match looking in rough shape.

Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin. During the match, Eric Boogz announces that Corbin’s car is getting repossessed in the parking lot and the distraction causes Big E to hit the Big Ending for the win. 

Bianca Belair says she wants to get Bayley out of her life once and for all and challenges her to an “I Quit” match at Money In The Bank. Bayley accepts and says she’ll never say those words.

Jimmy Uso tells Paul Heyman he’s going to call out Edge tonight before the end of the show and beat him down.

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn in a last man standing mach to qualify for Money In The Bank

Sonya Deville announces the return of Zelina Vega and says she’ll be in the Women’s Money In The Bank match.

Vega says now that she’s back she’s going to win the match and claim the title of her choosing. Liv Morgan interrupts and says it’s her time, not Vega’ as Deville makes a match.

Liv Morgan defeats Zelina Vega

It’s announced that Seth Rollins will face Cesaro next week in a Money In The Bank qualifying match.

Otis defeats Angel Dawkins

Jimmy Uso calls out Edge. Edge says Jimmy used to have a backbone, but now he’s just one of Reigns b*****.

They brawl in the ring and Edge makes Jimmy tap out and hits him with a spear. He then puts Jimmy in the same submission with a piece of a chair that he did Reigns and says that he doesn’t give up.

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