WWE SmackDown Results 6/18/21: Bayley Vs Bianca Belair & Roman Reigns Retains Title

WWE SmackDown Results 6/18/21

** WWE SmackDown Results 6/18/21 ** 

WWE SmackDown Results

The following are the WWE SmackDown Results 6/18/21: 

  • Rey Mysterio talks about the feeling of pain, hurt, and sadness regarding what happened to his son, Dom Mysterio after Roman Reigns attack. Rey Mysterio calls Roman Reigns out. Roman says that Rey Mysterio doesn’t have to do this and that what he did to his son was PG compared to what he is going to do to Mysterio. Rey Mysterio says that he has never been more ready in his life. Reigns says that he tried to do the right thing, but now we are doing it “his way” before walking away. 
  •  Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews defeat Kevin Owens and Big E. Before the match, Sami Zayn came out and joins the commentary team. After the match, Commander Azeez attacks Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn laughs at Owens and blames it on karma.
  •  Kevin Owens demands match against Sami Zayn at Hell In a Cell on Sunday. 
  •  Shinsuke Nakamura defeats King Corbin and takes the crown! 
  •  Bianca Belair comes to the ring and calls Bayley out. Bianca Belair talks about how Bayley reminds her of her childhood bullies but she is not a little girl any more and now she is unapologetically her. Bianca Belair challenges Bayley at Hell In a Cell. Bayley comes out to the ring and attacks Belair. Bayley stands victorious in the ring while holding the title and stepping on Belair’s hair. 
  •  Jimmy Uso talks to Roman Reigns about representing the family and even though he doesn’t agree with everything, they are still blood. When Roman Reigns asks where Jey is, Jimmy says that he has not heard from him but if Reigns needs anything, Jimmy is there. Roman Reigns says that he needs Jimmy to find his brother.
  • Before the match, Otis and Chad Gable attack Angelo Dawkins causing the match to not happen. 
  •  Cesaro talks about Seth Rollins when Seth Rollins walks in on his interview. Seth assures that he is a professional/ gentleman and wanted to talk to Cesaro one on one. Rollins kicks out Kayla and continues to talk to Cesaro. Rollins says that Cesaro disgusts him and everything he does is a disgrace. According to Rollins, Cesaro doesn’t deserve a second ounce of respect and on Sunday he is going to show him what he does deserve when he puts him in his place. Cesaro responds by saying that he respects him and everything he just said, right before he pushed Rollins out of his chair.  
  •  Roman Reigns defeats Rey Mysterio in their Hell In A Cell match via tape out. Jimmy Uso comes out to the ring after the match and raises Reign’s arm. Roman Reigns attacks Rey Mysterio after the match, tells him to never question him, and wishes him a Happy Father’s Day.  

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