WWE SmackDown Results 6/11/21, Back At The Same Table? & Reigns Vs Mysterio At Hell In A Cell


** WWE SmackDown Results 6/11/21 ** 

WWE SmackDown Results 6/11/21

The following are the WWE SmackDown Results 6/11/21

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are seen backstage in the locker room to kick off SmackDown. Roman says that the one thing he asks is to never embarrass the family. He says Jey understands that, but asks if Jimmy does.

Jimmy Uso comes to the ring and says last week his shoulders were up and everyone knows it, but Roman Reigns stuck his nose into The Uso’s business. He says Reigns is jealous of him and the fact that he’s back. He says Reigns is upset because Jey will pick him and not Roman. Jimmy says Jey is his brother and he’s his keeper. He says tonight he’s going to do something that he doesn’t regret.

Jey Uso finds Jimmy Uso backstage and Jimmy asks him if he was mad last week when Roman interrupted their match. Jey stays quiet and Jimmy says he knows he was. Jimmy tells Jey that he’s his brother and he needs him. Jey tells Jimmy he’s stuck in the middle, that he was out for a year and now he’s loyal to the Tribal Chief. Jimmy says he’ll be in The Uso’s locker room if Reigns is looking for him.

Big E and Kevin Owens defeat Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn. After the match Crews blames Zayn for the loss and challenges them to a rematch next week against him and Commander Azeez. Big E and Owens accept. Sami Zayn then complains about what Crews said and Azeez hits him with a Nigerian Nail.

Liv Morgan defeats Carmella

Bayley hosts “Ding Dong Hello” and Seth Rollins comes out as the guest. There’s eventually a knock at the door and it’s Cesaro who attacks Rollins and literally beats him out of his suit.

Rey Mysterio says Roman Reigns hurt Dominick Mysterio last week and he’s going to make sure that Reigns pays for what he did. Mysterio then calls out Roman Reigns.

Montez Ford defeats Chad Gable by DQ. During the match Otis comes in and attacks Ford after taking out Angelo Dawkins backstage.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats King Corbin

WWE announces that next week Nakamura and Corbin will battle for the crown.

Roman Reigns finds Jimmy Uso in his locker room. Roman Reigns shows Jimmy the Universal Championship and Jimmy says he doesn’t care about any of that. He says he cares about Jey and Roman and their family. Jey stops them from arguing and says he is tired of both of them and walks out. Jimmy asks Reigns is he’s ready to fight because he doesn’t care anymore. Reigns tells Jimmy he hasn’t done anything, but look out for their family and all he wants it to be the best and for all of them to be at the top together. He says Jimmy is the oldest brother so he expects him to know better. Reigns then says for a year Jey has been working hard to get to the top of SmackDown. He then tells Jimmy to find Jey and make things right with all of them. It looks like Jimmy agrees.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and calls out Roman Reigns. Reigns comes to the ring and Mysterio says he acknowledges him as a rat bastard for putting his hands on his son and someone he wants to fight inside of Hell In A Cell. Reigns is about to respond and Rey Mysterio pulls out a kendo stick and attacks Reigns. Reigns gets the upper hand and Dominick Mysterio runs in the ring. He tries to attack Reigns with another kendo stick but Reigns powerbombs him outside the ring.

That wraps up tonight’s WWE SmackDown Results 6/11/21.

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