Footage Of New WWE Signing Bronson Rechsteiner’s Pro Wrestling Debut

Bronson Rechsteiner WWE

Bronson Rechsteiner is one of the WWE’s newest Performance Center signings. He also happens to be the son of Rick Steiner and the nephew of “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner.

Rechsteiner a former football player was signed by the Baltimore Ravens in April 2020 before being cut in August 2020. It was then that he took his talents as well as inherited family genetics and became a professional wrestler, following in his father and his uncle’s footsteps.

Rechsteiner made his debut at AFW “Wrestlejam 8” on October 8th, 2020. defeating his opponent Jamie Hall. In fact, we have footage of the match which you can check out below:

Bronson Rechsteiner makes his pro wrestling debut from The Ringside Roster on Vimeo.

Rechsteiner was beyond impressive in his debut. His power and natural ability in the ring were on full display. Not to mention he was seemingly gifted the “Steiner Recliner” finishing move of course made famous by his uncle Scott Steiner.

Overall there was a lot to be excited about and apparently, WWE felt the same way after his tryout a few months ago with them. Bronson Rechsteiner has everything the company looks for and has the pedigree to become a huge star for WWE.

We personally have a feeling that there’s a lot of championship gold in his future. Now we’ll just have to see how they use him when he starts appearing on WWE TV but we’re certainly ready for it.

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