WWE RAW Results 8/16/21, RKOBro Back Together! & Is Lashley Next At SummerSlam?


WWE RAW Results 8/16/21

WWE RAW Results 8/16/21

The following are the WWE RAW Results 8/16/21

Randy Orton kicks off RAW. Orton says he doesn’t need friends and he doesn’t need anyone. He says he would have beat AJ Styles last week without Riddle and he doesn’t owe anyone anything. He says he’s about himself and last week he proved RAW is his show and this week he’ll prove it when he beats Omos. He’s then interrupted by Riddle.

Riddle says he know why Orton hit him with an RKO last week and it’s to teach him a lesson. He says he learned his lesson and he wants to be RKBro again. Styles and Omos them come out.

Styles challenges Riddle tonight and he accepts. Riddle says with Orton in his corner tonight he can’t lose.

AJ Styles defeats Riddle. Randy Orton left Riddle and went backstage during the match.

Rhea Ripley defeats Nikki ASH. After the match Ripley and ASH beat down Charlotte who’s on commentary.

Drew McIntyre defeats Veer and Shanky. They are now barred from ringside during the McIntyre Vs Mahal match at SummerSlam.

Damien Priest defeats The Miz with a Brouge Kick.

Mansoor defeats Mace.

Randy Orton and Omos ends in a no contest after AJ Styles and Riddle interfere. After the match Orton says despite everything he’s put Riddle through he still had his back and now he has Riddle’s because RKBro is back together again! Riddle says that at SummerSlam they’re going to challenge Styles and Omos for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Karrion Kross quickly defeats Jeff Hardy.

Eva Marie slaps DouDrop for failing to bring her Lily.

Reggie is in a park and R-Truth and Tozawa try to get him but fail.

Charlotte and Nia Jax defeat Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH.

Goldberg comes to the ring to confront Bobby Lashley before SummerSlam. Goldberg talks about coming back to pro wrestling for his son who’s in the front row. He says his son could watch the WWE Network to see his old matches but he wants him to see him win up close when he beats Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam. He’s interrupted by Lashley and MVP.

MVP says that Goldberg has met him match and then some. He says the Almighty is going to destroy Goldberg at SummerSlam.

Lashley gets in the ring and says he gave Goldberg chances to bow down to him and he needs to because he owns Goldberg. Goldberg says that’s b****** and Lashley goes to spear him and Goldberg Spears him instead. Goldberg then stands tall with his son.

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