WWE NXT Results 8/3/21: Kross Provokes Samoa Joe & InDex lives on?

WWE NXT Results 8/3/21

WWE NXT Results 8/3/21

WWE NXT Results 7/21/21

Below are the WWE NXT results 8/3/21: 

  • Hit Row defeats Legado De Fantasma via DQ.  
    • During the match, Santos Escobar distracts the referee during the match and attempts to give Legado De Fantasma the upper edge, but it doesn’t work so well as the match continues. 
    • During the match, Santos Escobar hits Hit Row with a chair resulting in a DQ. After the match, Escobar rips out Isaiah Swerve Scott’s grill.
    • Hit Row and Legado De Fantasma continue to attack either but in the end, Hit Row stands victorious in the ring. 
  •  Regal shows up with security and says that since Samoa Joe is back to being a NXT super star, a security team will be following Samoa Joe around to ensure that “nothing happens between [him] and Karrion Kross.” 
  •  Ridge Holland defeats Ichman Jiro 
    • Pete Dunne calls out Tomasso Champa and says that everyone thinks they are bad until someone worse comes along and Pete Dunne, Ridge Holland, and Oney Lorcan are the most dangerous men in NXT. 
  •  Franky Monet talks about how she is not a loser and the loss last week was because of Robert Stone. Franky Monet says that she is going to do things Franky’s way and Robert Stone better take it or leave it. 
  •  Roderick Strong defeats Bobby Fish

  • LA Knight and Cameron Grimes talk about their match with GYV and how they are both men of their words/ they have each other’s back. 
  •  Grizzled Young Veterans defeat LA Knight and Cameron Grimes. 
    • During the match, as Grimes went for a tag, LA Knight walks out on Grimes. Grimes tries to take on GYV by himself but ultimately loses. 
    • After the match, Ted DiBiase returns and consoles Grimes. 
  • Dakota Kai talks about how she made Raquel Gonzalez and without Kai, Gonzalez would be nothing. “Everyone knew who the leader was.”
    • She talks about how she gave Gonzalez everything and how Kai should have been champion but Gonzalez return cared about Kai getting the championship.
    • She is “no sidekick.” She said that she brought Gonzalez into this world and now she was going to take her out. 
  •  Johnny Gargano says that Indie’s life rests in his hands and he needs to protect her at all costs. Tonight, Gargano is going to “end In-Dex” for good. 
  • Trey Baxter defeats Joe Gacy in the Breakout Tournament.
  •  Zoey Stark and Io Shirai go out to eat to try and form a bond. Stark is seen throwing food around behind Io’s back and at the end she is left having to pay for the meal.  
  •  Indie Hartwell talks about how she is torn between family and true love, but if Dexter wins The Way needs to give him a chance and see that he is not a bad guy. 
  •  Karrion Kross calls out Samoa Joe saying that he is going to destroy him at NXT Takeover. Samoa Joe bursts through security and comes out to the ring, but Kross retreats before Joe can get to him.
    • Samoa Joe chokes out the security in the middle of the ring. 
  •  Johnny Gargano defeats Dexter Lumis which means he does not get to join “The Way” and he “loses” Indie Hartwell.
    •  During the match, Indie Hartwell goes under the ring and when Candice pulls her out, Indie is holding on to Lumis. 
    • During the match, Johnny Gargano pushes Lumis into Hartwell. As Lumis goes to check on her, Johnny takes the opportunity and wins the match. 
    • After the match, Indie Hartwell jumps into the ring, jumps on Lumis, and they one serious make out session.

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