WWE NXT Results 7/21/21, Gonzalez Retains & Kross Attacks Regal


WWE NXT Results 7/21/21

WWE NXT Results 7/21/21

The following are the WWE NXT Results 7/21/21.

Samoa Joe kicks off NXT and he says he’s come to smash Karrion Kross’s clock. William Regal interrupts him. He says that Joe is out of order by calling Kross out. Regal says when Kross put his hands on Joe he was a referee not a superstar.

Joe tells Regal that’s nothing but semantics, and Karrion Kross is out of control and he has to be stopped. Regal then tells Joe he’s not to do anything tonight when Kross arrives and to handle it peacefully. Joe tells Regal out of respect he’ll listen but he won’t promise it ends peacefully, because he’s going to put Kross to sleep.

Kushida and Bobby Fish defeat Diamond Mine.

LA Knight and Cameron Grimes arrive to NXT. Grimes gets Knight’s bags and has trouble with carrying them so Drake Maverick walks over to help. Knight tells Maverick to back off, but he won’t so he challenges him to a match tonight and he accepts.

WWE announces the next NXT TakeOver for 8/22/21

Franky Monet defeats Jacy Jane. During the match Mandy Rose comes out to scout.

Kyle O’ Reilly defeats Austin Theory 

Legado Del Fantasma comes out for a Mariachi Madness Musical and gets interrupted by Hit Row. They brawl and Joaquin Wilde gets left in the ring alone with Hit Row. Isiah Swerve Scott then hits him with a guitar.

Odyssey Jones defeats Andre Chase in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Drake Maverick defeats LA Knight. During the match Knight tries to get the Million Dollar Championship from Grimes to use and but Maverick dropkicks him head first into it and rolls him up for the pin. Knight then attacks Maverick and forces Grimes to punch him.

Raquel Gonzalez defeats Xia Li to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

Samoa Joe then comes out and calls out Karrion Kross. Kross appears on the screen and says that NXT is a different world than Joe remembers and it’s his now. He says the NXT Championship means he can go where he wants and hurt who he wants. A laid out William Regal is shown in the parking lot as Kross drives off and Joe runs outside.

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