WWE NXT Results 5/11/21: Hit Row Debuts & Bobby Fish Makes Big Return

WWE NXT Results 5/11/21

** WWE NXT Results 5/11/21 **

  • Karrion Kross defeats Austin Theory. After the match, Kross has a stare down with Johnny Gargano. Finn appears behind Kross and demands a rematch. Karrion Kross agrees. 
  • Leon Ruff stated that he wanted to compete. Despite Ruff being medically cleared “as tolerated,” William Regal refuses to put him in a match tonight. Leon Ruff starts knocking stuff off his desk while asking what he should do to prove he can fight, but Regal stands his ground. 
  • MSK defeats Fandango.
  • Johnny Gargano goes to William Regal’s office and is upset about facing Bronson Reed next week. Gargano wants to know why Regal hates him so much. 
  • Everise showed up in the crowd with a sign behind the commentary table.
  • Pete Dunne talks about Karrion Kross choosing Finn and that Kross can keep “ducking him” because he will be getting his chance to winning that NXT Championship soon. Dunne issues an open challenge to prove he is “the baddest man” and everyone in the back knows it. Leon Ruff attacks Pete Dunne from behind. Despite Regal’s warnings, Leon Ruff has a match with Pete Dunne. Pete Dunne defeats Leon Ruff by referee stoppage. After the match, Pete Dunne snaps Ruff’s fingers. 
  • Santos Escobar says “the only reason [Kushida is] still champion is because [he] likes [him].” Escobar states that he will be the new champion by the end of the night.
  • WWE announces Karrion Kross vs Finn Balor in two weeks for the title. 
  • Raquel Gonzalez defeats Mercedes Martinez. 
  • “Top Dolla” AJ Francis, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, Briana Brandy, and Isiah Swerve Scott show up. Swerve attacks the camera man. AJ Francis come back to tell the camera man to get and they will be alright. 
  • Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory get kicked out of the men’s locker room. It was later discovered that The Way attacked Bronson Reed. As Reed is getting up, he says that “Gargano is a dead man!”
  • Swerve announces that NXT is about to get “spooky.” Hit Row makes their debut on NXT. Swerve talked about how he was tired of being someone he was not, so he recruited “like-minded” people. Swerve introduces each member (Top Dolla, Briana Brandy, and Ashante “Thee” Adonis). 
  • An auction for a lake front home begins. Cameron Grimes comes and puts a bid for 2 million dollars. As the auction goes, Ted DiBiase outbids Grimes with a bid for $20 million.  Grimes confronts DiBiase and DiBiase says Grimes is not a million dollar man. 
  • Zoey Stark responses to Toni Storm’s negative comments about her last week. She talks about her rematch next week with Toni Storm and how Stark is going to be victorious.
  • Before the match, Oney Lorcan confronts Kyle O’Reilly in the parking lot and tells him he cannot beat Lorcan. Kyle O’Reilly defeats Oney Lorcan. Pete Dunne attacks “Cool Kyle” and Oney joins. Bobby Fish comes to O’Reilly’s rescue. Bobby Fish says he has his “own scores to settle.” Fish tells O’Reilly that he will see him when he sees him. 
  • Bronson Reed is sick to death of Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, and The Way. Reed says that he met with Mr. Regal and announces that next week there will be a steel cage match between Gargano and Reed for the NXT North American Championship.
  • Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde try to interfere in the match but MSK come to even the odds. Santos scores his first point via pin fall. Kushida makes Santos tap out, scoring a point and tying the match. Kushida defeats Santos Escobar in a 2 out of 3 match via pin fall.

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