WWE In Tough Situation With Charlotte, Those Close Telling Her To Leave


Charlotte Flair is one of the most decorated stars in the history of WWE, especially when it comes to the women’s division. Since her arrival the company has made sure to shine the spotlight on the daughter of the Nature Boy at every turn for better or worse. 

Most recently Charlotte was caught in the of a tense situation as she exchanged belts with Becky Lynch on SmackDown. The Queen wasn’t a fan of the way things went down on WWE TV and made a scene backstage which ultimately led to security escorting her out of the building and sending her home to cool off.

It was said the situation was so bad that Sonya Deville almost got into an altercation with Charlotte over things.

At this point most backstage are said to be tired of Flair’s attitude and antics and there are a lot of talents that no longer want to work with her. When she was drafted to SmackDown, FOX wasn’t a fan of the move due to these exact reasons and did not want to give up Becky Lynch to the USA Network.

WWE is now in a tough situation when it comes to Flair. No matter what issues she may cause backstage she’s still a legitimate top star and if the company let’s her go they will essentially be handing her over to AEW. If they keep him they will also be facing a lot of problems going forward.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster according to PWInsider those closest to Flair are reportedly telling her to leave the company as soon as possible, although they are aware that’s easier said then done.

The whole situation is honestly a mess and things only seem to keep getting worse. We’ll have to keep monitoring things and see what happens, but for now Charlotte is still a top star on the roster and the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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