Possible WWE Draft Spoiler Involving NXT Star


The WWE Draft is almost upon us as things kick off tomorrow October 1st on SmackDown and conclude on RAW next week.

Stars from RAW, SmackDown and NXT 2.0 are set to be a part of the big event. We previously reported that Hit Row was being considered for a big call-up to the main roster. Now another big name from NXT may be on the move as well.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that WWE has been discussing moving LA Knight to the main roster via the WWE Draft.

LA Knight who most recently had a run as the Million Dollar Champion in NXT has all the tools to be a top star in the business. Going to RAW or SmackDown could be exactly what Knight needs to get to that next level. Honestly, it wouldn’t be shocking to see a world title around the waist of Knight rather quickly.

The WWE Draft is one of the most exciting events in the business when it rolls around. It’s going to be interesting to see all the new faces on different brands as the company continues to build toward the future. Knight could be just one of many NXT names on the way up.

Would you like to see Knight head to RAW or SmackDown in the WWE Draft? Let us know in the comments.