WWE reportedly cutting ‘way back’ on live events following pandemic

WWE Cutting Back Live Events
With the COVID-19 pandemic currently going on, many things have changed within WWE this year.

This includes the company’s demanding live touring schedule that typically takes WWE superstars around the world all year round.

It looks as though some changes to the company’s live event schedule may remain the same even after the COVID-19 situation. We’ve learned at TRR that there have been talks within WWE as of late to permanently “cut way back” on the number of live shows produced. Word is that this will most likely affect house shows more than the major network shows like RAW, SmackDown, or NXT.

Some superstars have voiced their frustrations in the past about the grueling schedule, so there‘s people in the locker room that will be happy with hearing such news.

WWE has definitely gotten very inventive when it comes to their fan experience as of late with the WWE ThunderDome, so we’ll have to see what they have in-store when live fans return and they go back on tour in a more limited fashion.

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