WWE considering banning fans at WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Vince McMahon WWE Hall of Fame
We reported last week after Bret Hart was attacked at the WWE Hall Of Fame that WWE might possibly do away with fans attending the event. We’ll that may actually be happening.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Vince McMahon was very angry about Bret Hart getting attacked during the WWE Hall Of Fame. In fact, he is considering not letting fans into the ceremony ever again.

“Vince McMahon was red-faced steaming mad over the incident with Bret Hart at the Hall Of Fame. By the way I was told that it’s not easy to make that happen. I was told that this may be the final straw for fans attending the Hall Of Fame ceremony or at least limited fan attendance at the Hall Of Fame ceremony.”

It’s important to remember that the safety of the Superstars and their families is the most important thing here. It’s unfortunate that a few individuals may ruin it for everyone; however, on a night designed to honor the Legends of WWE they deserve to enjoy it safe and uninterrupted.

If WWE does chose to make the change we completely understand and certainly everyone will still be able to watch on the WWE Network.

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