WWE Reportedly Making Big Changes To Karrion Kross Character


When Karrion Kross debuted on the main roster a few months ago fans had high expectations. Since he arrived on RAW though it’s been a bit of an odd situation. 

Kross kicked off his time of the main roster with quick a loss to Jeff Hardy. He eventually recovered and got his win back, but he then debuted an interesting new look wearing a gladiator type helmet. However, it’s is far from the most intimidating look and could definitely be improved upon…or done away with according to most fans.

Karrion Kross has been treading water as of late and it’s been far from the experience that most expected. WWE is now reportedly looking to make some changes to Kross once again.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that the company is planning to overhaul Karrion Kross and change his persona a bit. Going forward he’s expected to be cool and calm yet violent at times. The helmet will be staying, but that may also be improved upon. As for his entrance and music, he will reportedly be getting a new theme and presentation. At this time pairing Scarlett with Kross is still not in the plans unfortunately.

We’ll have to see how things play out on WWE TV when these changes are made. It’s possible we could see things starting as soon as tonight on RAW.

Are you happy to see WWE change up Karrion Kross once again? Let us know in the comments.