WWE ThunderDome Possibly Making Big Return


The WWE ThunderDome, which allowed virtual fans to be in the crowd like a giant zoom call was a concept the company came up with through the pandemic to keep fans a big part of the show.

WWE used the ThunderDome through the pandemic up until a few months ago once they were able to allow fans back into their events, go back to touring and ease restrictions. This was due to the fact that things became more manageable and numbers started to decrease.

However, with numbers starting to skyrocket once again due to variants, once source noted to us at The Ringside Roster WWE is now reportedly considering bringing the ThunderDome back once again. If they choose to do that, the location would likely be somewhere in Florida, which is where they had things set up last time at the Performance Center or possibly at a stadium within the area.

WWE has had a hard time recently with crowd attendance numbers dropping and being forced back into the ThunderDome definitely wouldn’t help things, but it may be necessary. We’ll have to see what happens, but some big changes could be coming again soon.

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