WWE Abandons Trademark For “Gunther Stark” Following Backlash


This past week on WWE NXT fans were not too pleased when WWE decided to take it upon themselves to rename former NXT UK Champion WALTER. It was immediately considered a bizarre move, but things only got worse when the origin of the name “Gunther Stark” revealed. 

We previously reported that WWE had filed a trademark back on January 13th for “Gunther Stark”.

Gunther Stark was of course a former Nazi U-Boat Commander. Needless to say this set social media on fire in an outrage. Enough so that the company has apparently decided to back off from their plans and just leave the name as “Gunther”. WWE officially withdrew the trademark in only 48 hours following the backlash.


WWE deciding to change the name of WALTER was already questionable at best, but giving him a name with such meaning behind it was certainly a recipe for disaster. Hopefully the company has learned their lesson and will be a bit smarter about things in the future.

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