Seth Rollins Attacker On RAW Revealed, Strange Reason Given

Seth Rollins

For those who watched WWE RAW last night there was a strange moment, which you probably didn’t see on WWE TV involving Seth Rollins and a crazed fan, but it’s become one of the most talked about moments of the show.

As Seth Rollins made his exit after his match against Finn Balor a crazed fan decided to run out of the crowd and to the entrance ramp, meeting Rollins head on as he tackled him. The two wrestled around for a bit before a referee came over and security showed up to haul him out of the building as Rollins screamed at his attacker. You can check out the video of the incident below.

The fan has since been revealed as 24 year old Elisah Spencer of Brooklyn. Spencer made a strange post on social media which you can check out below with the reasons for the attack.

Spencer claims he did it for The Bloodline as well as Adam Pearce…clearly its’ still very real to him.

WWE recently put out a statement about the incident which left Seth Rollins with a bruised lip and said that they plan to prosecute Spencer to the fullest extent of the law. A court date is set for sometime next month according TMZ Sports. Let this be yet another lesson that when you are there to watch the show it’s highly advised that you stay in your seat and away from action.

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