Ways To Get The MITB Briefcase Off Of Otis Reportedly Being Discussed Backstage


Otis won the Money In The Bank briefcase in May making him Mr. Money In The Bank and shocking fans everywhere. It appeared at that time that WWE or at least Vince McMahon was solidly behind Otis and he would be the next big star in the company. Since then, however, he’s been stuck in strange storylines and matches mostly with The Miz and John Morrison. There’s been very little focus on the briefcase. Not exactly what you would expect from someone who is supposed to be a future top star.

There may be a reason for that though. We’ve been told via sources within the company that some backstage in WWE have been discussing ways to get the briefcase off of Otis as of late. There’s no set plan as of yet which is mostly due to the fact that Vince McMahon is still a huge supporter of the blue-collar superstar. Clearly, though there are those that feel differently and believe it would be better to put it on someone else.

We’ll have to see what happens, but it’s going to need Vince McMahon’s approval before anything if it does. Otis has the potential to be a star and is certainly a fan favorite, but there are plenty who questioned putting the briefcase on him and it looks like the company may be thinking twice about it now.

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