Vince McMahon Is A Big Fan Of Nikki ASH, Sees Huge Appeal In Her For Kids

Nikki ASH

Last night at WWE Money In The Bank we saw the…almost superhero Nikki ASH pull down the Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase to claim victory!

It was a huge moment for ASH and she cried tears of joy upon becoming the new Mrs. Money In The Bank.

ASH, previously known as Nikki Cross underwent a transformation recently on WWE TV as she became a confident personality who is almost a superhero. Let’s just say it’s definitely paying off for her quickly.

ASH actually came up with the character herself and presented it to WWE and Vince McMahon who loved it. We’ve been told at The Ringside Roster that Vince McMahon is reportedly a big fan of hers. He sees a lot of merchandising potential in her and believes there’s a lot of appeal to kids which will help the company with that demographic, as well as helping promote the company.

Now that she’s carrying the Money In The Bank briefcase we’ll have to see exactly she decides to cash in, but it seems like the best is still to come for Nikki ASH.

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