Undisputed Era Break Up Was Sudden Decision


Undisputed Era is fresh off a breakup on NXT that was as hard for them as it was for the fans. Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole at NXT: TakeOver Stand and Deliver and is now firmly in the spotlight enjoying his singles career.

He recently sat down with WWE Legend Sean Waltman for his his Pro Wrestling 4 Life Podcast.

“It was a true collaboration, in the sense of ‘OK, well then if we are doing this, then we have got to do this tonight at TakeOver. We’ll maximize the opportunity and get people to tune in on Wednesday to see why, what happened. We wanted to create more questions.”

“That’s how you want to end the show, something crazy happens and ‘What happened to UE?’ It is crazy how it all happened so fast and so suddenly; literally, within hours. ‘This is happening? Oh my God.’”

“It does suck, because this is the best thing that has ever happened in my career to be in this group with these guys. I have had the most fun and I’ve learned so much to become a better performer. Just because we split now, it just means the eventual reunion will be an even bigger deal, right?”

The Ringside View: According to Kyle O’Reilly the decision was made to break up the Undisputed Era for shock factor and they really wanted to make the most of it. Even though they aren’t currently together never count out a possible reunion in the future. We here at The Ringside Roster look forward to it some day. And that’s..you know the rest.