Triple H Not Returning In A Role With NXT Due To Health Issues


Former 14 Time World Champion Triple H will reportedly not be coming back to WWE television anytime soon after he was forced to take a hiatus back in the fall of 2021 due to health issues.

In September 2021 Triple H suffered a “cardiac event” due to a genetic heart issue and underwent a procedure to correct it.  We haven’t really seen or heard from “The Game” since then and NXT has undergone quite the change with the young and fresh NXT 2.0.

We’ve also learned at The Ringside Roster that there are currently no plans for him to return to NXT after all the recent changes.

Perhaps that changes down the road, but that’s where we are at right now.

There’s no doubt Triple H will want to get back to WWE when the time is right, but for now his role remains unclear.

Shawn Michaels is currently running many aspects of NXT 2.0 and is receiving a lot of praise for his work. It appears for now NXT is in good hands with one of Triple H’s best friends.

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