Triple H Says He’s Always Been A Fan Of LA Knight

Eli Drake LA Knight WWE NXT Triple H

At NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day, Eli Drake made his big debut… or return however you want to look at it to the WWE. The big difference was that of his new name as he now goes by LA Knight.

The wrestling world was buzzing about his appearance after the show and what could possibly be next for him. Triple H jumped on a NXT TakeOver post media call to praise LA Knight and said he’s “always been a fan of his”.

”I do not think that there’s a ceiling on anybody when they walk in the door. I re-evaluate or evaluate everybody as they’re walking in the door. My hope is that all of them have the potential at one point in time to garner whatever they need to become as big of a performer as they can be here. I have been a fan of LA Knight’s since he was here the first time. There’s a lot of reasons, on his side and our side, as to why that didn’t work out that time.

But I was a fan of his then, I was a fan of his work and his promo skills and everything else as he went along his journey. I’ve always thought when the time was right he’d be great here; and the time was right.

Phone calls were made and interest was on both sides, and it just went from there, and it was smooth and easy. He wants to be in a place where he can have the biggest platform in the world. That’s here, and I want to give it him. So, we’re gonna run with it and see where we can go, and there is no ceiling.”

LA Knight has all the potential to be a big star for the company. The former Impact Wrestling World Champion has everything it takes to succeed.

Now we’ll just have to see what happens, but as we’ve seen in the past having Triple H’s support is a great thing to have on your rise to the top of the WWE.

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