Treatment of Ricochet on WWE Main Roster causing others to consider leaving

Ricochet WWE NXT
The wrestling world seems divided these days with the success of upstart company AEW and WWE.

It seems it’s no different in the locker room as there are reports that there are a lot of main roster and NXT Superstars in WWE who are interested in making a jump to AEW.

One of the main driving factors behind this is is the lighter road schedule, but WWE’s creative process is also a big cause as well.

“There’s the feeling in NXT among people that either it’ll take so long to get to the main roster and it’s just harder to become a star in WWE because of how things are done, and there are people in NXT who kind of recognize that even if they are stars in NXT, unless there is a regime change, it’s going to be hard to be one on the main roster.”

It is also said that WWE’s treatment of one of NXT’s biggest stars Ricochet has been very eye opening for some. Ricochet had a ton of momentum behind him, but now he is stuck in inconsistent booking on the main roster despite coming in with lots of buzz.

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