“She Was Unpleasant To Be Around” Charly Caruso Possibly Already Released By WWE


We previously reported at The Ringside Roster that on-air WWE personality Charly Caruso had a lot of heat within the company and was replaced on RAW Talk by newcomer Kevin Patrick. This was due to her continually showing up late for interviews with big stars such as Randy Orton and Sheamus and WWE growing tired of it.

Word is that Caruso may have actually been verbally fired already, but that WWE is just going to have her sit until her contract officially expires. There are currently no plans to have her return to WWE TV. Aside from her tardiness reports coming out from backstage are that Caruso was also said to be “unpleasant to be around” and that also apparently played a factor into things.

Caruso currently has a gig with ESPN and also has a friendship with AEW’s Tony Khan. We’ll surely see more of her in the wrestling world, but it looks like it won’t be with WWE.

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