Shaq heading to AEW?

Shaq AEW

Shaquille O’Neal signed a multi-year extension on his WarnerMedia contract.

In the middle of WarnerMedia’s announcement that O’Neal inked a new deal, they threw in an AEW tease.

Could we see Shaq back in the ring soon? We’ll have have to see but it’s certainly an interesting possibility.

Could Shaq return to the ring, making a cameo at a future All Elite Wrestling (AEW) event on TNT? We shall see….

“Turner Sports is family to me – even you, Chuck – and I’m looking forward to working alongside my talented colleagues as we create many more Shaq-tastic moments in the years to come,” said O’Neal.”

If you still need more Shaq also has some ideas on who he would want to face off with.

“I’d love to fight Cody. Write it. Print it. Text it to him. Call AEW up and tell them.”

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