Breaking News: Sasha Banks reportedly wants out of WWE.

Sasha Banks WWE

It may not be “Boss Time” too much longer in WWE.

In a follow up to our story yesterday on the ongoing Sasha Banks situation, Banks has seemingly been going through some issues since WrestleMania.

Sasha has been posting some interesting tweets as of late indicating all may not be well between her and the company. We were also told there was an issue backstage at WrestleMania after her match.

We have learned that Sasha Banks was reportedly under the impression that she and Bayley would have the opportunity to have a strong run with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in an effort to establish them as serious championships. When they lost, this apparently led to Banks asking for her release. WWE then told her to “cool off” hoping cooler heads would prevail.

Although it is unlikely that WWE will release her from her contract, it is said to be a situation similar to The Revival from a few months ago. We will have to see what happens. It is possible that WWE will do their best to make her happy and turn things around, if not we may see “The Boss” head out when her contract is up with WWE.

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