Breaking News: Sasha Banks Tells WWE she will not be back next week

Sasha Banks WWE
The ongoing Sasha Banks situation is certainly getting interesting. For those that may not have been following the past few days Banks reportedly informed WWE she wanted to quit at WrestleMania.

This occurred after her match where she and Bayley lost the Women’s Tag Titles. Banks and Bayley then reportedly made a commotion backstage about the loss as well as their hotel.

Recently Banks has posted a series of posts on social media indicating her unhappiness with WWE her Husband even tweeted as well addressing the situation. Now we have learned at that Sasha Banks told someone in the company she would not be coming in next week, and they were unable to convince her otherwise at the time of the conversation.

This is obviously huge if Banks refuses to show up as she is still under contract with WWE. Hopefully things turn around and WWE can mend things with her. However, if the damage is done we could see her head elsewhere when her contract is up or somehow convince WWE to release her and it seems that Bayley might not be too far behind as well.

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