Sami Zayn reportedly behind AEW reference on RAW

WWE Sami Zayn
Last night on RAW during a Sami Zayn Q&A segment with the fans, Zayn seemed to get annoyed with the questions.

He asked why nobody asked him about AEW dropping the name of the hot new wrestling promotion who are fresh off the heels of a successful event in Double Or Nothing. After asking around some through our sources were told at The Ringside Roster that Sami Zayn’s AEW reference on RAW was reportedly something that Zayn did come up with and throw out there himself.

For those wondering Zayn often writes his own material. At first it was thought to be scripted but WWE then pulled the AEW reference from their YouTube video.

If Zayn is indeed behind it there could be a possible suspension on the way as WWE of course won’ t be looking to fire him. We’ll keep you updated if and when we have more information on the story.

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