Rey Mysterio getting new show on Cartoon Network

Rey Mysterio

The Greatest Mask Of All Time will be featured in a new animated series called “Rey Mysterio.” WWE has yet to announce this, so it’s possible that he deal was arranged away from WWE.

According to the synopsis the new animated series will tell the story of a fan who teams up with the famous luchador, Rey Mysterio, to take on the world’s evil.

“The character of Mysterio will be in a cartoon where a fan of Mysterio has found out secret information where the forces of evil are threatening the world, he calls on Mysterio and the two of them work together to save the world.”

This is certainly a big deal for Rey Mysterio and is just another feather in the cap of the Legendary wrestler. We’ll have to see how the show turns out but it sounds like fun.

Check out teaser posted by Rey Mysterio below:

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