Randy Orton’s “Legend Killer” Gimmick May Be Done For Now After Clash Of Champions


When Randy Orton began his feud with Edge upon his return to WWE he started to hear voices that also apparently told him it was time to bring back the “Legend Killer”. Since then we have seen him take out stars like Edge, Big Show, Christian, Ric Flair and HBK with his vicious punt kick on his way to regain world championship gold.
However, eventually things caught up to him and he paid the price as the legends got revenge in his WWE Championship match with Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions. Ultimately this led to Orton taking a ride in an ambulance to the nearest medical facility.

While having Orton back as the “Legend Killer” was a fun walk down memory lane it appears it may be short lived. We’ve learned at TRR that Clash of Champion’s wasn’t a way to write Orton off WWE TV, but rather to wrap up the ”Legend Killer” gimmick. It seems like it’ll be going away for the time being.

The good news is that Orton will still be around and used at the top of the card on RAW. Surely if Orton keeps trying its only a matter of time until World Championship reign number fourteen becomes his destiny.

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