Big Plans Ahead For The WWE Performance Center

WWE Performance Center
WWE reportedly has some big plans for their Performance Center.

The company purchased a 3,082.50 square foot building adjacent to the current Orlando Performance Center on June 1st 2018. They are planning to split up much of the technical and production aspects of the WWE PC with the additional facility.

The plan is to continue using the original Orlando PC building for the physical aspects of the pro wrestling business such as the in-ring work, conditioning, and so on. However, they will be moving a lot of technical aspects to the new building.

It is reported that the new building will house programs to work on gimmicks, stage entrances, match timing, and other production specifics. WWE Superstars must learn a lot when it comes to telling a story on television in the ring. This includes knowing how to time out a match for commercial breaks and timing to shorten or stretch promos.

It is also said that this new building will house a new space for color commentators and backstage interviewers to work on their craft.

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