Plans For Kenny Omega To Drop Impact Championship Already Finalized


Kenny Omega is the current Impact Wrestling World Champion and he’s been making it his goal to elevate that title to a higher status since winning it from Rich Swann back at Rebellion.

Omega also holds several other titles including the AEW Championship, but that happens when you’re a belt collector and a self proclaimed “God Of Pro Wrestling”.

Despite several big challengers stepping up to Omega in the past couple of months, nobody has been able to dethrone him, but it appears there’s already a plan in the works for when the time comes.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that Impact & AEW officials already agreed to a specific ending and opponent when it comes to Omega losing the belt even before he won it. The plan has been set for awhile with the idea that his reign would be a great way to promote both companies.

We’ll have to see exactly when these plans go down, but with Slammiversary around the corner that’s as good a bet as any.

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