New Peacemaker Debut Date Announced For HBO Max

WWE Star John Cena absolutely nailed his role as Peacemaker in the Suicide Squad Reboot while filming. In fact he did so great that he was immediately booked for a spin-off series on HBO Max.

John Cena has been seen in his outfit frequently while doing appearances and fans are certainly hyped about seeing the former 16-Time WWE World Champion in the role.

James Gunn, the man in charge of the Suicide Squad and Peacemaker franchise, was asked on Instagram when the Peacemaker spin-off series will be released. Gunn was happy to reply with “January 2022”.

That’s only a few months away and Suicide Squad will release even sooner in August, so fans will get a good taste of Cena as the character ahead of his HBO series.

John Cena Peacemaker Date

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