Update on the ongoing Sasha Banks Situation- Will she be back for Money In The Bank?

Sasha Banks WWE
Sasha Banks reportedly told WWE that she wanted to quit. Then she left and the company hoped that her getting a break would help change her mind and cool her off.

Banks was frustrated about WWE taking the titles off her and Bayley. She was also upset about WWE splitting up the team and had reportedly been promised a big match against Beth Phoenix and Natalya in Saudi Arabia. So Sasha Banks went home and since then Corey Graves has taken every shot he could at “The Boss” on commentary for leaving.

Today, in an update, we can report that things have not gotten any better.

If anything, it might get pretty rough soon enough if Sasha Banks and WWE’s relationship continues with a stalemate and the company won’t let her go. They could just keep extending her deal to never allow her a proper exit.

Banks reportedly wants to sit out the rest of her contract or obtain a release from WWE. The issue similar to Neville for those that remember is that WWE can add time on to the situation for days not worked thus Banks will keep extending her time.

WWE would like her back and even has possible plans to give her the Money In The Bank briefcase this year to attempt to make amends. However, if Banks does not return within the next week it’s safe to assume that won’t be happening.

The ideal situation would be for Sasha Banks to finish out her contract and the head elsewhere if she’s still unhappy but we’ll have to see what happens. Hopefully the two can work it out but we’ll continue to update when and if things become available.

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