Nia Jax goes off on Dave Meltzer “he’s a piece of sh*t”


Last week Meltzer reported that Alexa Bliss was injured. Bliss clapped back at the report soon after denying her injury. Nia Jax was also pi**ed off because Meltzer claimed that Roman Reigns Leukemia situation wasn’t exactly true. The Irresistible Force was livid when she unloaded on Twitter.

@davemeltzerWON is a piece of sh*t. The fact that u make statements about people’s health, when u have zero knowledge about it is ridiculous. If u do have access 2 superstars PERSONAL medical info, that is a HUGE violation of HIPAA & I’m sure that’s not the case. So shut ur mouth

Then Alexa Bliss joined in with a quick tweet of: “Preach.”