MVP told executive to “F*** themselves” before challenging them to fight


We have seen over time that WWE can be a frustrating place to work to say the least. Whether it’s Superstars feeling mistreated or conflict backstage.

While speaking to Vice, former WWE Star MVP revealed how his exit from WWE came to be after telling an unnamed executive to “go f*ck yourself.”

“Yeah, Japanese wrestling is my favorite wrestling. Wrestling for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, that was my dream. WrestleMania and the WWE was a goal. After having been at WWE and being somebody who was being groomed to be a world champion, I ran afoul of some politics and spent three months on a losing streak.”

“I had a confrontation with one of the executives. He came out of his mouth to me, sideways. I told him, ‘Man, you don’t talk to me like that.’”

“He told me to go f**k myself. At that moment I decided OK, I’m done here. I said, ‘No, you go f**k yourself.’ He stood up and he stammered, ‘I’m not afraid of you.’ I leaned in and said, ‘Man, do you want to do this here in front of your coworkers or do you want to go outside and do this like men?’”

“He didn’t want to fight. He wasn’t expecting me to respond that way. Because of his position, he was thinking that I was just going to say ‘OK’ like so many guys do, but I was done.”

“Mentally, I was done. I asked to be released so that I could go follow my dream in Japan. I always wanted to wrestle in Japan, and I expressed that. They said, OK, we’ll give you a release. Come back in a year, two years, and the door is open. You’ll be a bigger star when you come back, and I never made it back.”

I’m sure that didn’t earn MVP any points during his exit but it seems like the man from the 305 doesn’t care. While MVP was certainly someone who looked like he would be a main event star for years to come in WWE it looks you can add him to the growing list of stars who felt mistreated by the company.

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