Miro Goes Off On Profanity Rant About Lana Being To Blame For WWE’s Third Party Ban


We previously reported at TRR that Lana was one of the main reasons WWE initiated its third party ban for Superstars on platforms like Twitch & Cameo. You can check that report out here if you’d like.

Former WWE Star Rusev/ Miro, Lana’s husband, has now taken aim at Dave Meltzer for reporting the story as well in a profanity filled rant. It’s clear that Miro’s not a fan of Meltzer’s at all.

“Oh the f*cker. The motherf*cker. Whats his freaking face? [Dave] Meltzer, once again put bullsh*t out there once again. I am tired of him. Honestly, get the f*ck out of here. Who the f*ck are you to speak things like that?”

”First of all this isn’t true. One day he’s going to burn in hell. Meltzer, go ahead and collect everyone’s money but let me tell you once you die you are going to go to hell..”

Miro continues to say,

“No, I don’t listen to Meltzer but my problem is people listen to this guy. He has a personal agenda because he’s got something against CJ.”

“This guy has no knowledge. He has zero knowledge. Yeah, he’s got people from the office that feed him meaningless stuff.”

“I’m not the first person to call you out and I won’t be the last one but F*CK YOU!” “I don’t think there is a single story out there from Meltzer that has been true. He has no information, zero!”

It’s worth noting that from what we’ve been told Lana was indeed a big contributing factor in things when it comes to WWE’s side. Miro is doing what he has to do when it comes to speaking up for his wife.

It’s definitely a frustrating situation for everyone involved. WWE Superstars are trying to find work arounds but it seems at this point the company isn’t having it.

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