Mark Henry on what he said to Jimmy Uso following arrest


While speaking to the Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry talked about Jimmy Uso’s recent arrest. Uso, who is currently one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions was arrested in Detroit last month after he squared up with a police officer and wanted to fight.

“I don’t think he’ll be mad for me saying this, but I talked to Jon [Jimmy Uso]. He got arrested recently and I told him, ‘don’t hand your head. Everybody goes through struggles.’”
“I was like, ‘what you need to do now is to speak up for yourself and not let people create the narrative. Like, you let people know what it is.’ And just like we’ve all run into police officers that are overzealous sometimes, if you will. He was not at a point where he was being belligerent. He felt like his wife got talked to in a way that she shouldn’t have gotten talked to. We’re all going to stand up for our wives and our significant others.”