Lana reportedly to blame for WWE’s third party ban on activities

Lana WWE

Lana recently did an online commercial for Bang Energy Drink.

We’ve learned at TRR that the Bangster Berry commercial upset people within WWE and ultimately led to WWE’s third party ban on activities such as Twitch & Cameo.

You can check out the statement WWE released on the matter here.

WWE Superstars are said to be very upset about the matter and some are even looking for ways to get around things.

Lana has also responded to reports that she was the one who caused the issues. Which you can check out here:

Lana WWE

She clearly isn’t happy with the news being broken. This is a rough situation as some Superstars we’re enjoying the different streams of income they were receiving.

We’ll have to see what happens but for now, WWE has made it clear that it’s no longer allowed.

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