LA Knight Discusses His Big NXT Goals Before Heading To Main Roster

LA Knight WWE

LA Knight arrived to NXT recently and was considered a huge free agent signing.

The Former Impact Wrestling World Champion with the gift of gab and talent in spades has been impressive thus far. It’s not surprising especially when you’re L-A Knight..Yeah!

Knight recently spoke to Busted Open Radio where he discussed his goals in NXT before moving to the main roster.

“As soon as this whole deal was set in motion — me coming to NXT and WWE — I had a lot of goals that I wrote down and things that I wanted to do. Let’s say the opportunity came tomorrow and they were like, ‘Hey, we want to send you to SmackDown.’ I’d be like, that’s awesome. At the same time, there would be part of me that’s like, ‘I didn’t accomplish a couple of the goals I set for myself in NXT.’ I’d have a mixed reaction. I’d be more than appreciative, I would love it, and I would go and work my ass off the best I could. At the same time, I’d be thinking ‘there’s work for me to do in NXT.”

The Ringside View: LA Knight is doing a great job so far on the black and gold brand. Knight is having great matches and really has that star quality to him. The sky is truly the limit now that he’s with WWE. Ok full disclosure here dummies.. ah readers, but we’re big fans of him here at The Ringside Roster. Still, Knight is no doubt a future World Champion in the making and that’s just a fact of life!