Kurt Angle retirement imminent


According to Rajah, WWE officials are no longer planning a retirement match for the Hall of Famer and his retirement is imminent. WWE is expected to offer a backstage agent deal to Angle after his in-ring retirement.

Rajah’s sources also noted that many people backstage in WWE believe Angle was severely misused ever since his return in 2017. People feel that WWE should’ve booked Angle as a wrestler upon his return, then booked his retirement and then given him the role of the General Manager of RAW. However, WWE did the opposite and jobbed him out as a wrestler.

While no particular date is known regarding Angle’s retirement, tonight’s post-FastLane 2019 edition of RAW takes place in Pittsburgh, PA, which is Angle’s hometown. So speculation is going on that Angle might announce his retirement on tonight’s episode of RAW.

(credit wwfoldschool)

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