Plans for Kevin Owens storyline after SmackDown

Kevin Owens WWE SmackDown

Those who watched SmackDown last night witnessed Kevin Owens promo about Shane McMahon hogging the spotlight, being power hungry and WWE stars being held back after getting kicked out of the arena earlier.

This was very reminiscent of CM Punk and his famous Pipebomb promo and surely brought back some memories for fans.

We are told that Kevin Owens promo was a worked shoot and was done because WWE is aware that the Shane McMahon’s push hasn’t gone over well with fans. Owens promo is reportedly the start of a storyline that will phase Shane out as a regular TV character.

The promo was said to have been praised from people backstage as well.

The Ringside View: Kevin Owens is one of WWE’s most talented Superstars but has yet to find consistent placement near the top of the card hopefully this can help with that. A lot of what Owens said on SmackDown seemed to have truth to it as well.

Shane McMahon‘s “Best In The World” gimmick may be running it’s course for fans and even backstage so WWE will need to find a way to make a change. This also seems like the perfect time with Paul Heyman taking over RAW and Eric Bischoff taking over SmackDown.

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